Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication

As a turn-key provider for custom sheet metal fabrication, our team of engineers are fully capable of reviewing designs from 2D sketches, CAD drawings, prototypes, and 3D models. We will suggest ways to make your design fabrication efficient, and will work with you to improve quality, on-time delivery, and operational efficiency.

Bend-Tek Inc. offers 3D CAD (computer assisted design) that allows us to review, design, and assess parts and components at final revision, in order to ensure their functionality and performance before it ships.

We also offer 2D CAD support, which allows us to review CAM (computer assisted manufacturing) support, which has the ability to produce parts programs automatically upon evaluating our machine capabilities, cutting conditions and requirements, and tooling inventory.


Bend-Tek Inc. utilizes Amada mechanical shears to ensure accuracy with cutting of all sheet metal components. Amada machines are well regarded in the industry for their ability to withstand heavy shearing loads and duress while maintaining accuracy to extremely precise tolerances.

Laser Cutting

Bend-Tek Inc. uses Amada laser-cutting machinery which performs high-speed cutting of sheet metal parts. By utilizing the latest Amada equipment in our shop for all sheet metal applications, we have reduced inefficiencies and material waste by accurately ensuring required tolerances are met.


Bend-Tek’s welding department is specifically trained to complement our overall manufacturing capabilities and to execute virtually any bonding task, whether it be welding, bronzing, or soldering that a component may require. Our team uses TIG (tungsten inert gas) and MIG (metal inert gas) for most welding applications, and they can perform spot welding as needed.


Bend-Tek Inc. utilizes the Amada Pega 244 turret punch machine, well renowned for being capable of manufacturing high production runs at fast speeds with consistent accuracy. The Amada Pega 244 machine allows processing of sheet metal up to 1219 x 2000 mm, or 48.0 in. x 78.7 in.

Press Brake

Bend-Tek Inc. features Amada press brakes, which are unsurpassed in creating parallel beam deflections, uniform bends, and fine angle adjustments. The Amada press brake’s unique design features also eliminate time consuming setup procedures such as shimming and tool alignment, maximizing production efficiency.

Fabrication of sheet metal has numerous advantages and benefits for many industries. Our team is more than happy to assist you with your project and will help you to determine which sheet metal fabrication methods will be required for your project’s needs.

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