Our Processes

Production Support

At Bend-Tek Inc., our team of engineers are ready to assist you with your next metal fabrication project. Whether it’s providing consultation and input for process requirements, reviewing cost savings opportunities to help reduce waste and inefficiencies, or providing support through outside process development of tooling, dies, or molds, we always strive to support our customers and streamline the supply chain process.

We strive for continuous quality improvements daily and work to ensure your job will be delivered on time with little to no quality defects. While we cannot promise perfection, we can promise that we will remain committed to supporting our customers when re-work or RMAs are required.

Quality Control

Our team of quality engineers have decades of experience and will work diligently to ensure all outgoing components meet their respective specification requirements.

Outside Processing

If your project's parts or components require a special process or treatment such as chemical film, anodizing, heat treating, painting, plating, etc., we will work with our suppliers/vendors to procure the correct requirements that your product specification calls for and ensure that exacting quality and service standards are being met. We have serviced thousands of orders requiring special processes or treatment options and are familiar with most metal fabrication treatment requirements.


Our team follows best practices regarding packaging, wrapping, labeling, and shipping and logistics. We typically work closely with our customers to establish their exact packaging standards for their orders.

Whether your project requires specific packaging, additional labels, different materials, or other  parameters, we are happy to work with you to find a solution for your packing needs. We take extra precautions with components to minimize damage, scuffing, or scratching to the surface finish of all metal parts.

Shipping Policy

Bend-Tek Inc.’s delivery team will ensure quick turn-around times and deliveries all throughout the Southern California region with our fleet of sprinter delivery vans and flat-bed trucks.

Most special freight requirements can be reviewed and arranged by our logistics team. We pride ourselves in offering a complete end-to-end system, from ideation and creation to shipping and delivery, for our customers.

  • • Internationally, we can ship products on behalf of our partners’ international carrier accounts.

  • • Domestically, we are able ship products nationwide.

Certifications & Licenses

Bend-Tek Inc., is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Bend-Tek Inc. capabilities include custom metal fabrication work, machining, stretch-forming, sheet metal fabrication, assembly (utilizing rivets, nuts, bolts, etc.) for Aerospace, Manufacturing, Automotive and Commercial Applications.

Bend-Tek Inc., is also certified to AS 9100, Quality Management systems Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations. AS9100 incorporates all the elements of ISO 9001, plus additional elements unique to the aerospace industry which makes us a qualified manufacturer for critical elements of MIL-Q, military specifications.

Bend-Tek Inc. has been awarded with HubZone and Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) certifications through the U.S. SBA (Small Business Administration) and can receive and bid for awards and contracts from the federal government.

For more information about our services and capabilities, please contact us at info@bendtekinc.com.

A trusted partner in the metal fabrication industry for over 20 years.